Away We Go!

Welcome, all. I hope you enjoy the stories and musings of Josh and I during our time abroad, of which this is the first. I write you from our plane cabin, my hubby contentedly watching manly movies about cars and blowing up stuff.  I’m not sure what time it is. The sky has looked exactly the same for seven consecutive hours. Bright sunshine. Although we’re not allowed to look out at it, because everyone is sleeping in the fake “plane-nighttime” simulated by window shades, warm yellow reading lights and whispering little flight attendants with sweet voices, elegant manners and perfect porcelain skin.

I like to let my mind wander in moments like these (or better yet, write). Right now I’m thinking about what’s coming when we land, when we both have jobs teaching little Korean munchkins how to speak English in this strange little city by the sea, even though we don’t know anything about teaching or anything about little Korean munchkins.

But that’s what makes it an adventure. It’s often when the unknown takes us by storm that life is richest. Some experience, planned or unplanned, comes along at will and sweeps us up off our feet in full force. Next thing we know, this event has changed the landscape of our life with shocking permanence so that in years to come, no matter what else comes after it, we can still look back and smile as we say, That happened. I’m so glad.

I feel like Josh and I are on the cusp of one of those adventures. And all I’m thinking is: I want to see the script for this crazy next big thing that’s going to take our lives by storm. I want to know the rewards ahead and feel the strong current cut its path in my soul. I want to know the discoveries that will sustain us when the winds tear at our foundations until the landscape changes. Yet, here I sit in the quiet plane cabin instead, lights down, everyone sleeping, everything exceptionally motionless—where even outside time stands still. The blank, unwritten script is the only thing soliciting my attention, loudly demanding to be allowed to saturate this quiet space. I’m smiling though; our Father reminds me what is true, what is important to remember. I know it already, but still I need the reminder. We can’t control or harness this experience; instead, we must be content with a simple task written at the top of this big, blank script. It says, Make sure to experience Jesus in the moments to come.


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2 Comments on “Away We Go!”

  1. Amber English October 25, 2011 at 3:35 pm #

    LOVE your videos and posts!!! So excited for you guys and Jared and I cannot wait to do what you’re doing! Miss you my dear friends!

  2. Valerie October 14, 2011 at 1:29 pm #

    Love I can’t wait to read about your adventures! I miss you so much already! Much love to you both!

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