Korean Carnival Life

It’s time for another update. O boy.

We have now taught about 100 classes each, and eaten in over a dozen restaurants. It’s busy, and tough. But we are happy. Tired, but happy.

Life is very simple. Josh and I wake up, spend time with Jesus, go on a walk or read books, and then the day starts. We seem to be asked to give up that annoying habit some call leaving work at work on a regular basis, and so we make our way seven blocks further into the city earlier rather than later most days. In other words, so far we have a lot of extra–er, invitations– to be at the hagwan. From student parties to writing curriculum to training functions, our boss likes to utilize his human resources to the utmost degree. Do we have to say yes all the time? Fortunately for our contract, the answer is, we absolutely do not. But so far, the best we can tell, these things are all opportunities, and we can do them for our own reasons.

So what have we done?

First of all, we have been asked to train Korean volunteers for the upcoming World Expo (World’s Fair) in 2012, which will be held in Yeosu. For those who don’t know, the Fair is basically a place for countries to show off their greatest accomplishments–technology, architectural design, and so on.

Thanks, WIkipedia!

Josh, Sian Cook and I have been working in various degrees on creating and editing a curriculum book that our academy is developing for the training even where all four of the foreign teachers will work with four more Korean assistants to spend a month training 750 workers how to speak basic conversational English. Of course it’ll be a long month, but wow. It will be quite a privilege to play a real role in helping this city put on such a major global event.

The other major thing we’ve done recently is been involved with culturally integrating the time-honored American tradition of Halloween into an authentic Korean experience.

We had a crazy time of it…we made a haunted house, (attempted) carnival-style games and took pictures with kiddos. The excitement of seeing a teacher in costume and getting your picture taken when you’re in costume was epic. We literally posed with kids (kids that we’d never met, mind you) for well over an hour at a high school party put on by some other teachers in our area.



The greatest thing is that we are doing things we never dreamed we would, and the things we are learning are incredible!  We trust that God has many purposes for us during this time, and we definitely can’t know them all yet. But it feels right to be here, and we know that He only becomes more real to us in each new–though bewildering–encounter to this strange, colorful and sometimes upside-down-feeling place we now call home.

(Photos credited to our friend, Sian Cook!)


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One Comment on “Korean Carnival Life”

  1. Jared & Amber English November 1, 2011 at 3:41 pm #

    How fun, and wow! World Fair Officials!!! You guys are awesome–miss you all.

    J & A

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