Drunken Tiger: K-POP

Korean Pop culture has quite a following. The Korean people take their art, fashion and music as seriously as we Americans do. Yes, there is a distinct imitation of American trends and genres that is impossible to ignore, but K POP is definitely its own animal. Enter Drunken Tiger, a hip-hop group that boasts some genuine American experience. You might like to know that this group has talents that aren’t limited to their musical ability; Drunken Tiger is said to have graduated from Stanford University.

Interestingly, this educational claim to fame may very well be the reason they are celebrities here in the first place. The key to power in this country depends almost solely on the level of education you possess. It’s not your ability to be an individual worthy of mention, unlike our world where creativity and uniqueness are the measuring stick for how influential you’ll be. No, here it is all about the ability to conform to the highest standards of standardized academic structures until your depth of knowledge is so vast that it proves that you have successfully run the gauntlet necessary to be rewarded the respect given a distinguished few. In this case, Drunken Tiger’s group enjoys not only fame, but freedom  as well … freedom to loosen thier conformity and do their own thing, and be celebrated for it.

How different is this song and group? That’s for you to decide. Unique or not, the mix is pretty solid and the vocal talent undeniable. The theme…well, it might be lost in translation for me a little bit, but even so, it definitely makes me smile.

So here’s the plot: Bored man who hangs out in “bongs” all day realizes he is hungry while playing computer games. He heads to the convenience store (song title, btw) to tend to his need for sustenance with the obvious choice–ramen noodles. But the girl at the checkout counter completely distracts him so much he forgets to pay for the ramen. Oh good gosh this is embarrasing for poor Drunken Tiger, but thankfully, it seems that this woman was well worth the trouble.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little piece of Korean culture. More to come!


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