Seaside Sunday: A Personal Update

I’ve gotten so excited about Korean culture that I realize I’ve neglected to keep up with the personal side of things around here. My bad—I know that the everyday may seem mundane to us, but to all of you, it’s the way we can connect our two worlds.

Our first official month as expats has come and gone, and time has moved swiftly. Josh and I have been busy with work, so life is quite full lately. We are half way through the Expo project now, and that’s a great feeling. Turns out the project is a lot of fun to do (I’m in the process of creating that blog, so more info to follow). It’s really draining, and Sundays we usually sleep in on our now-upgraded bed. Still on the floor, but we do have a Korean sleeping mat. Nothing fancy, but it is 2.5 inches of pure foam joy.

Still, this past Sunday we decided to forgo the pleasures of sleep and get out of the house. The culture-shock tunnel I described several weeks ago was starting to cause some claustrophobia, so we proactively decided we needed the change of scenery even more than sleep. We woke up first thing like soldiers and packed our camera bags, and trudged to the coast by the fishing docks. It was quite a hike—we had to pass through a mountain tunnel (a very noisy experience) and even cross the well-known Dolsan Bridge (if you look up Yeosu on Google maps, the image of the bridge is often the first image that comes up). The weather here is cold now, so it was a hearty endeavor; but boy it felt good. The cold air and the sea and the silence of Sunday in a small seaside city was just what we needed to feel refreshed. We ended our day in the traditional fish market, and sat down to eat right in the middle of all the excitement at one of the eateries where a plastic table and chairs sits across the concrete walkway from the near-miles of fishtanks and stands. The owner was so proud to have foreigners! Another Korean couple much older than us was there too, drinking soju and chatting it up, but when we arrived, the owner took the food she was preparing for them out of the pan and plopped it in front of us with a lot of enthusiastic gesturing and smiling. Our new friends didn’t feel slighted—they now had foreigners to gawk at with unabashed, soju-enhanced  pleasure.

We are posting the pictures from our lovely day out here for you to check out. Hope you enjoy them, and I promise we will share more about our life these days during the course of this week. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, we miss you all!


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One Comment on “Seaside Sunday: A Personal Update”

  1. Maria December 6, 2011 at 2:12 am #

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful pictures, I never been to this place but because of this pictures, its like being there and experiencing the culture and way of life of the people who lives there.

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