Listen to Josh On Korean Radio: Expo Project

Josh’s work with the Expo-English Experience Project has been quite extensive the last month. Although I’ve been involved with meetings and the weekend work with adults, for the last month he has done 12 all-day bus tours, and co-wrote curriculum as well as worked hard with our team to create a program which turned out to be a ton of fun for kids and adults alike. Josh was invited to share about this program on the radio here in Yeosu. You can hear his interview here, just press the play icon below:

Josh poses with some of his tiniest friends from the bus trip.

These two giant stuffed cartoon characters represent the two symbols of the 2012 Expo, Yeony and Sunny.

Giving a tour of the Expo site.

Waiting for teacher!

Group photo at the end of the day!

Here is a gallery of more photos. Please note that we did NOT take any of these. These are the official promotional shots which can be viewed in their entirety on the web site for “Fun Fun English” at


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