Our Christmas Eve: The Gift of Fifty-Two Smiles

Our Christmas is ending. It’s midnight and we’re washing up the plates from our Christmas dinner feast before going to bed. But for you, it’s only about to start and we’d love nothing more to share the Christmas we just had with you just as you’re about to experience yours. Even though we had a quiet day today watching black and white Christmas movies and eating WAY too much, it had been a month long endeavor to prepare for Christmas this year. No Christmas tree, or stringing lights this time… instead, it’s been our goal, along with the many foreigners working in Yeosu this year, to deliver the Christmas spirit to the local orphanage.

Yesterday, once all preparations were finally finished, we arrived at the orphanage with three taxis, 5 tubs of popcorn, a sack of candy, endless cookies, 52 brand new winter hats and 100 personal gifts- 1 for each child.

One last final touch to perfect all this Christmas abundance were handmade cards made by all the kids at our hagwan. Each kid at the orphanage got their own personalized Christmas message along with their gifts.

I wish I could describe all the little things we got to experience with these kids yesterday in a way that truly gives you a picture of how special it was. Like how this three year old boy saw “Santa” come in and immediately stretched out his tiny arms and held on to his leg for dear life. Or how our “adopted” 8 year old carefully protected his stack of presents while waiting for Josh’s help “fixing” one of the toys and how once said repair was completed, darted out of the building and across the courtyard to put his things in his room just to make sure they didn’t disappear suddenly.

But instead, we wanted you to at least get a little taste of the joy we all experienced last night, so we made a video for you guys of one card’s journey from our classroom to its intended recipient on Christmas Day. Hope you like it!

We hope that you all have a Merry Christmas back home, and trust that you know our thoughts and prayers are with you this holiday season! Be blessed!



One Comment on “Our Christmas Eve: The Gift of Fifty-Two Smiles”

  1. Jared & Amber English February 3, 2012 at 5:10 am #

    This is so precious… It made me cry. I love the video.

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