Breaking The Silence

Happy New Year! As of four weeks ago. I may as well tell you (a little dejectedly) that the pace this last month after Christmas weekend was grueling. Our routine picked up kind of like a treadmill that keeps increasing speed as you run, thumping, thumping thumping till your limbs are flailing and you can’t feel pain or even the fact that you’re nearly deficient of oxygen. All you know is this centrifugal motion has you in its grasp like a gear in the center an accelerating engine, spinning wildly inside of its grip.

Dramatic, but I really feel like this is the best tribute I can give to our last month. And today I refuse to acknowledge its effect on me by writing on the blog at long last.

What have we been doing all this time? I’ll try to answer that as objectively as possible. One problem with all this busyness is that our lives don’t seem that interesting right now. Believe it or not, it’s easy to forget that we really live in another country. We are pretty acclimated to our jobs now, and so it just feels like life; and a mundane yet busy one at that. It’s easy, then, to think I haven’t got much worth sharing. In fact, Josh and I were on a quest to find an essential household item the other night and as we were riding in the taxi, I kept thinking–“Huh. We’re in Korea. We LIVE in Korea.” It’s still surreal sometimes.

Anyway, the truth is that there is plenty to update you on. I hope that the contrasting descriptions to follow will help you see the whole picture of our lives here since we’ve last talked.

Winter break here at school began right after Christmas, and we’re not exactly a fan of what that entails for teachers. The hours are quite lengthy, but the good news is that we have definitely got to have some brilliant new classes to add to our repitoire.  Josh has become the master of the six year olds, and you should know that they are all such a pretty sight to spy on. They have a great system going on in there, and the kids are really into it. I’m quite impressed how he’s taught them such a calm structure with such a limited use of English. The dreaded class that was once total chaos is now his favorite. It’s cool because the kids have really gotten attached to him as well; I’ve seen them all gathered around him while he is sitting on a kiddie chair with one more on his lap. As for me, I added a college class 4 days a week as well as two adult classes per week, which are all older ladies including one lady whom I perceive to be the Korean version of my German grandmother.

Despite the craziness of the pace which we found ourselves enveloped in, we did find the time to plan a getaway trip for a five day weekend to Japan that just took place over the Korean national holiday “Sul Nahl” last week.

It was fantastic.

I’m excited to share our experience of Japan with you, but for now let’s just leave that to another day and another blog. I will say though that our time abroad was really refreshing for Josh and I. I’m deeply grateful we had such an incredible opportunity to kind of digest this surreal life we’re living with yet another amazing cultural experience.

Which catches us up to this week. With classes starting next Monday in the public schools, I’ve already downshifted into one less class per day. The weather is getting warmer, the pace is slowing, and the intensity subsiding. I think we’re beginning to unwind into the next part of our journey, and we’re getting excited about what that looks like for us! We can read the Korean alphabet and sound out Korean words on our own, Josh bought a guitar, I’m getting my long-anticipated gym membership this week and we even got a chance to know the couple who pastor our church a little better this Sunday. We’re starting to feel a foundation developing under our feet. Thank you for continuing to be a part of our lives, even as we are establishing ourselves in such a faraway place.


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One Comment on “Breaking The Silence”

  1. Jared & Amber English February 3, 2012 at 5:02 am #

    Love, love, love catching up on what is going on over there! Jared and I are very excited about moving there next year. We will have to pick your brains soon 🙂 Love you guys, and miss you bunches.

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