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Suncheon Bay ::Photoshoot::


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Happy Birthday, Dear Teacher…

Josh’s birthday was last week and so I hacked into his teachers account (no, I’ve never done that before) and messaged all his students and told them Josh-Teacher’s birthday was coming. I expected some coloring pages and extra hugs but apparently my husband has bonafide celebrity status at our school because he was showered with gifts […]

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Dear Teacher, I’ll Never Do That Again

My little man Brian was at it again this past week. He was the one who proclaimed his doubts about Josh’s ability to produce children as well as the one who made the story about our fated relationship. But despite the jokes about the demise of my marriage, he’s my biggest fan. Anyway, he had […]

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PhotoShoot: Random Adventure

These are just some random photos I shot on a day of adventure around Yeosu. It was good times.

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Me and Martha

Martha and Mary both loved Jesus. We know that, and a few other things about them– not alot. But in one of their stories we are introduced to two characters who weren’t exactly the same in the way they showed their love.  Martha clearly had a personality that found her identity in doing, but Mary […]

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Meeting George

In a recent post, I shared a newspaper article I read about the desperate plight of North Korean children and what one man is doing to help them. I actually lost a lot of sleep over this story. One night, I “Facebook stalked” George Rhee, the man I’d read about who runs four bakeries and is […]

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Dance Story

We went to one of our kids’ dance recitals today. It was fantastic. I love shooting so it was fun for Josh and I to take turns capturing the evening with our sweet new telephoto lens.

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My Neighbor

It’s another winter night here in Korea; and it’s still surprisingly cold here. I can’t sleep tonight because of a fatal error of choosing to drink a cup of hot coffee after a late evening out with friends. My husband is sleeping on our comfy mat now that the ondol heater has finally got our […]

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