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Happy Birthday, Dear Teacher…

Josh’s birthday was last week and so I hacked into his teachers account (no, I’ve never done that before) and messaged all his students and told them Josh-Teacher’s birthday was coming. I expected some coloring pages and extra hugs but apparently my husband has bonafide celebrity status at our school because he was showered with gifts […]

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Our Christmas Eve: The Gift of Fifty-Two Smiles

Our Christmas is ending. It’s midnight and we’re washing up the plates from our Christmas dinner feast before going to bed. But for you, it’s only about to start and we’d love nothing more to share the Christmas we just had with you just as you’re about to experience yours. Even though we had a […]

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VIDEO: Kitty and Co Say Hello to Everything But Kimchi Readers

Remember Kitty, the little girl I wrote about in “Teacher, It’s Ama-jing!”? Here’s a 20 second video from her class telling all of you from back home hello.

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VIDEO: The Fate of the Fish and Other Cool Things About the Market

Josh and my visit to the market was very memorable and at times, humorous. Though we took a lot of pictures (Seaside Sunday post)  it’s just not the same as being there. We were hoping that maybe you could come along for the ride. So we tried to be sneaky with our video camera in order […]

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Drunken Tiger: K-POP

Korean Pop culture has quite a following. The Korean people take their art, fashion and music as seriously as we Americans do. Yes, there is a distinct imitation of American trends and genres that is impossible to ignore, but K POP is definitely its own animal. Enter Drunken Tiger, a hip-hop group that boasts some […]

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VIDEO: The View

Here is a video showing off the view from the mountain behind our apartment, complete with epic music. A map to give you perspective on said view. Enjoy.

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Video: Seven Year-Old Student Gives Our Marriage the Axe

Sian Cook, our co-teacher, was in for a suprise when my little student’s presentation ended up describing a possible scenario that would have prevented Josh and my marriage from taking place in a dramatic fashion.

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Guess What We Had for Dinner?

Check out our new Korean diet. It makes us feel very Anthony Bourdain-like.

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