Naming Like Adam…

We kind of expected names being a bit challenging here. You know the minute you think you have the name down perfectly, you  confidently throw it out there mastering every syllable, but in response you receive this look like….what….you still cannot say it. This is my daily life with Korean names, and that is why our Academy is such a joy. You see all of our students have chosen English names. The challenge with some of these is not the pronunciation, but it is holding back the burst of laughter that erupts inside. Our kids do not really pick the most common names. We definitely have your norms like Jake, Bryson, Hunter, Catherine, Sarah….but there are the others. Daily we are saying names like Lola, Kitty, Lotteria (local fast food chain), 2MB, Liger, Terrible, and of course our lovely president, Barrack Obama. Welp….what can you do but love them!


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