I just wrote an article about the orphanage that I’ve recently learned is being built in China. You can learn more about the orphanage at this link. An article in The Korean Herald has also been written about it.

If you want to learn more about the situation in North Korea, this documentary by National Geographic (with Lisa Ling) was the first time I heard about it. Sad, but vital information.

Another wonderful organization is called  Helping Hands Korea, the organization largely responsible for “The Seoul Train”, the underground railroad through China. Donations to help in three different areas can be made through Paypal if you click on the “Helping Hands Korea” link above. This organization is run mainly by an American pastor named Tim Peters and another South Korean one whose alias name is “Hite” (fun sidenote in the midst of the seriousness– Hite is the primary domestic beer company in South Korea; good on ya, Pastor Hite, for keeping a sense of humor). To read an incredible story in Time Magazine (May 2006) about the underground, click on this link.

Finally, two encouraging stories. The first is powerful and heartbreaking; it’s told by an 18 year old refugee whose father is in a concentration camp in North Korea. The second story is super-encouraging, and gives me vision for North Korean kids. Here’s a group of boys whose bright, happy, hope-filled lives put their “family story” in the paper here in Korea.


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