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Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

What a great Saturday we had this weekend. Most of my delightful high school class came over for a send-off dinner before they all headed off to college, and boy did we have the best time ever. Tom (from left) is going to Canada to study Business Administration, and Allie, Selena, Camille, and Annie have […]

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If Walls Could Talk…

My kids want to be heard. I realized it the other day as I was sitting in one of our classrooms, looking at the insane amount of angry or silly writing ALL OVER the walls everywhere. I mean, the walls are literally covered with words. At first, spastic writing on desks and walls was just […]

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Surprised By Joy

It is yet another day of the dreary, unending “winter vacation”. Adjusting to a world where it’s culturally acceptable to need to wear big down jackets in drafty or at times downright unheated rooms for seven straight classes a day is just one of the reasons that the magic of why I adore my kids […]

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Breaking The Silence

Happy New Year! As of four weeks ago. I may as well tell you (a little dejectedly) that the pace this last month after Christmas weekend was grueling. Our routine picked up kind of like a treadmill that keeps increasing speed as you run, thumping, thumping┬áthumping till your limbs are flailing and you can’t feel […]

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Our Christmas Eve: The Gift of Fifty-Two Smiles

Our Christmas is ending. It’s midnight and we’re washing up the plates from our Christmas dinner feast before going to bed. But for you, it’s only about to start and we’d love nothing more to share the Christmas we just had with you just as you’re about to experience yours. Even though we had a […]

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Photoshoot: Mountaintop Experience

We climbed a mountain and we’re very proud of it. Check out the sights we saw through these photos.  

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Our Students Wrote You a Christmas Letter!

Merry Christmas to all of our loved ones, family and our readers from our new home in Korea. I know it’s been awhile since we posted on the blog, but we’ve been busy embracing the Christmas season. The good news is that during this silence, we’ve got some great new stories to tell, including time […]

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VIDEO: Kitty and Co Say Hello to Everything But Kimchi Readers

Remember Kitty, the little girl I wrote about in “Teacher, It’s Ama-jing!”? Here’s a 20 second video from her class telling all of you from back home hello.

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