Spell Check Anyone…

I have never been good with spelling, but my shortcomings were only ever seen between me and my professors or when I was younger my mother (homeschooling). And with all the technology and help for the less grammatical minded individuals such as spell check this would no longer be an issue. But what about the man…..the man with a college degree…..that still does not even think to use spell check. Well his blunder is no longer between the few, but is seen by 750 adults and children. It probably would have been a good time proofread and spell check before printing a conversation book that is going to be used for an entire month guiding people through an educational trip around Yeosu, South Korea. It probably would have been a good idea to have remembered to put the “L” in “public transportation”…..but no. The book is printed and neatly stacked……all 800 some copies with the phrase, “pubic transportation”…………WELP.


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