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Listen to Josh On Korean Radio: Expo Project

Josh’s work with the Expo-English Experience Project has been quite extensive the last month. Although I’ve been involved with meetings and the weekend work with adults, for the last month he has done 12 all-day bus tours, and co-wrote curriculum as well as worked hard with our team to create a program which turned out […]

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I did not have much to do one night, because Steph was at work. So, I went out with the ‘ol camera and did some shooting. Enjoy!

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VIDEO: The Fate of the Fish and Other Cool Things About the Market

Josh and my visit to the market was very memorable and at times, humorous. Though we took a lot of pictures (Seaside Sunday post)  it’s just not the same as being there. We were hoping that maybe you could come along for the ride. So we tried to be sneaky with our video camera in order […]

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Photoshoot: The Zoo (it’s a coffee shop thing)

Check out one of our new favorite places, Zoo Coffee. It is right in Yeocheon and right beside a beach. It was a lovely day, with lovely people, and I got to share it all with my beautiful wife.

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You. Are. Ugly.

My new favorite moment happened this afternoon while out and about Yeosu with work as usual on Saturday. A flirty old Korean man on the expo tour today really took a liking to me. He struggled with his words as he enthusiastically tried to communicate in English. He placed  his hand on my shoulder, pointing […]

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Photoshoot: Tree of Life

This tree was right by the ocean outside of my new favorite coffee shop….ZOO COFFEE (photos of that yet to come). If you want to check out the photos please click on the image below. Thanks.    

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Happy Pepero Day!

Something I love about Korea is the unabashed love for sugar. There seems to be a country-wide sweet tooth that infiltrates even soups, meat sauces and the like with seemingly unprecedented frequency. Today we celebrated the one and only Pepero Day, where it is customary to give little chocolate covered-cookie sticks to those you love. […]

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Class Topic Of The Day: The Birds and the Bees

This is an awesomely awkward story. I admit, it’s a little bit of a departure from the last blog–not so spiritual and reflective and things like that. It’s also the best story about teaching to date.  My little genius class and I had an unprecedented moment the other day. Remember Brian from the video? He […]

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