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Suncheon Bay ::Photoshoot::


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PhotoShoot: Random Adventure

These are just some random photos I shot on a day of adventure around Yeosu. It was good times.

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Dance Story

We went to one of our kids’ dance recitals today. It was fantastic. I love shooting so it was fun for Josh and I to take turns capturing the evening with our sweet new telephoto lens.

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Photoshoot: Mountaintop Experience

We climbed a mountain and we’re very proud of it. Check out the sights we saw through these photos.  

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I did not have much to do one night, because Steph was at work. So, I went out with the ‘ol camera and did some shooting. Enjoy!

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Photoshoot: The Zoo (it’s a coffee shop thing)

Check out one of our new favorite places, Zoo Coffee. It is right in Yeocheon and right beside a beach. It was a lovely day, with lovely people, and I got to share it all with my beautiful wife.

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Seaside Sunday: A Personal Update

I’ve gotten so excited about Korean culture that I realize I’ve neglected to keep up with the personal side of things around here. My bad—I know that the everyday may seem mundane to us, but to all of you, it’s the way we can connect our two worlds. Our first official month as expats has […]

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Photoshoot: Tree of Life

This tree was right by the ocean outside of my new favorite coffee shop….ZOO COFFEE (photos of that yet to come). If you want to check out the photos please click on the image below. Thanks.    

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