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Dear Teacher, I’ll Never Do That Again

My little man Brian was at it again this past week. He was the one who proclaimed his doubts about Josh’s ability to produce children as well as the one who made the story about our fated relationship. But despite the jokes about the demise of my marriage, he’s my biggest fan. Anyway, he had […]

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PhotoShoot: Random Adventure

These are just some random photos I shot on a day of adventure around Yeosu. It was good times.

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Dance Story

We went to one of our kids’ dance recitals today. It was fantastic. I love shooting so it was fun for Josh and I to take turns capturing the evening with our sweet new telephoto lens.

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Breaking The Silence

Happy New Year! As of four weeks ago. I may as well tell you (a little dejectedly) that the pace this last month after Christmas weekend was grueling. Our routine picked up kind of like a treadmill that keeps increasing speed as you run, thumping, thumping thumping till your limbs are flailing and you can’t feel […]

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Photoshoot: Mountaintop Experience

We climbed a mountain and we’re very proud of it. Check out the sights we saw through these photos.  

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“Teacher, It’s Ama-jing!”

The more I teach, the more meaning it brings to my life. It is an unbelievable feeling to go to work and discover  that you actually get paid to do something that you believe in. I can’t say I really believe in the Korean education system per se (definitely not in its entirety anyway), but […]

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I did not have much to do one night, because Steph was at work. So, I went out with the ‘ol camera and did some shooting. Enjoy!

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VIDEO: The Fate of the Fish and Other Cool Things About the Market

Josh and my visit to the market was very memorable and at times, humorous. Though we took a lot of pictures (Seaside Sunday post)  it’s just not the same as being there. We were hoping that maybe you could come along for the ride. So we tried to be sneaky with our video camera in order […]

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